Printing junk

This semester, I'm taking my first printmaking class. I've always really loved the etchings in the Art Institute of Chicago, so (of course) I thought this'd be the perfect introduction to printmaking. So far, I've made something like 10 etchings & 60-80 prints. Most of them have ended up being monoprints, which is pretty cool. I've also been doing ghost prints of everything. These are some photos of the last batch of prints I did~
This is the stack of 25 prints~

I just keep printing this My so called life print. I'm obsessed !!!

This one says "I didn't come out of the closet to become a cliche"
Family photos
This is the first print I made of the house I grew up in, inked 3 different ways.

I'll probably write a nice long midterm post later next week~

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  1. i just can. not. wait. to hang more of your art on my walls. this style goes so perfectly with what i want to do in our bedroom, ahhhh


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