February 2013

Running start

So by some miracle, I ended up making a killing at the school art sale in November, & weirdly enough, all of my funny ceramics sold like literal hotcakes in that there were even a couple people fighting over a tiny albino pig head, a white polka dot nose with snot green interior, & a vase of my right foot. Since this realization that people seem to appreciate/ want my insane humor, I've decided to make as much goofy junk as I can. Which is a perfect segway into the things I've made in my ceramics class the last two weeks. It's a mold making class, but I'm not quite there yet, so I've been sculpting tiny things during my down time.

So that's it (the two pieces in the back are really nice, too, but not as fun as the rest of the stuff, so I didn't photograph it)
This is a teeny tiny double cheeseburger cup. For some reason, cheeseburgers are my go-to mindless busywork. 
So this is the first piece in my ~ferrel cat~ series, inspired by real cats, of course, hehe. They all have the sweetest little cat junk.
This guy looks so much nicer sitting on a flat surface, but you get the idea.
I think this is my fav, modeled after my cat's "cone cat" posture.
& this is the newest addition to the family, look how sweet his little tale is.
Alright, so I've been thinking about an inbreeding project for the last several months, & this is the first actualization of the series !!!! I think there was an episode of 30 rock featuring an inbred wedding or something (I've yet to find proof that this is a real thing, but I remember it pretty specifically, though the sitcom it was on defeats me, maybe it was Parks & rec or Whitney ?). Either way, my next project is a pitcher with a chin-neck via Kenneth as a spout, hehe.
The real point is that this is what my nails looked like after class where I threw, handbuilt, & made a paster mold. Ugh, life's rough, & my nails are now filed down so short so I can actually use my hands in class without slicing chunks of clay outta everything I touch.

Here we go

I really am trying, I promise.

The semester just started, but I spent the last week sick, so I haven't really done too many things worth sharing. Bare with me, y'all.

Basically, this is what the last week of my life, confined to my apartment, looked like.

First of all, there was an awful lot of cuddling. My cats have been way happier about my week at home than me...
I did, however, manage to pull myself outta bed long enough for two job interviews & fka on Thursday. I wore heels all day (& got lost in the worst rainy snow of my life even though I lived downtown for a year), talked the store manager at the flagship American Eagle into letting me transfer to his store, got a gyro at my fav greasy takeout place Sam's chicken & ribs, drank exactly as much as beer & whiskey my little body can handle, made out with two girls (oops), & got home safe in time for a nap before class the next morning.
(this might be the best drunk snapchat I could've possibly come up with on the train home)
Seriously though, this has been the worst sick I've been in a while, f/ 2 days where I got up & dressed before realizing there was no way I could make it to/ in class & some hilarious half conscious self portraits that only look like real things if you look at them from the side.
I also tried a new takeout place. Gotta say, this place almost got it right.

Everyone here really loves calamari, but look at that whole squid I found !
& finally, I cleaned my apartment this morning. I've been putting it off since I got home two weeks ago, but I had to clean it up to show it to a girl who's *hopefully* gonna sublet from me. Please note that I even hung up everything I've been collecting & framing for the last couple months. That wall of prints & junk is mostly stuff I got from the fall & holiday Renegade fairs this year.

Alright, well, I think that's all I have to report from my week off, hope it wasn't too boring, hehe~

Change of heart

I realized a couple of things while I was home over winter break. Only one of them really relates to this social platform, so I'll try to stick to explaining that guy.

Someone mentioned in passing that I should keep a ~lifestyle blog~ which may or may not have been serious suggestion. It's been rolling around in my head for a while, & now that I'm back in Chicago & things are getting kindof exciting, it feels like an appropriate thing to try (why not).

So there you go. That's my intro into this new thing I'm trying out. I'm really just hoping that this'll make me actually do some school work this semester so I can graduate or something (I think I heard that's a thing I'm supposed to be doing soon ???).

Ok !!!!!

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