Organic vibes

So, I've really been enjoying my internship with anthropologie so far. I feel like the resources at my disposal couldn't have come at a better time. The last few weeks have been CRAZY now that I'm essentially working two jobs while going to school full time. Today, I finally had my midterm critique on my first ceramics project, so I thought I'd share a couple pictures I snapped during the process & of a couple other pieces I've made.

Maybe I should point out that I'm posting this on my phone, so it'll probably be a really ugly post, oops.

I feel like I owe an explanation for this series. The project guidelines were essentially to illustrate exaggeration while incorporating a ~joke~ through five 2' sculptures. I decided to make botanical lamps in an organic way. Clearly, I've been eying anthro's home collections nonstop.

(The last photo is of all if my glazed pieces I've done so far, but look I finally have a dumb pitcher !!!)

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