March 2014

Gettin there

Things are getting so busy in the studio ! I'm almost done with my piece for the BFA show, & am working on a huge bottle project for my mold making class that is turning into an entire exhibition worth of objects. I still don't have a camera, so I've been snapping some really awful pictures of the things around the studio !

These are a bunch of cups I was too uninterested in to put handles on, so I glazed them in really thick layers of studio glaze, which turned out mostly nonfunctional & really gross. I made some really great new textures & color combinations I can't wait to try out on some other things in the next couple months !

 I finally got a bunch of bottles & my BFA pieces bisques the other day, but this kiln was actually the rudest when we started him up. I was so scared we weren't gonna get one of the burners to work, because I feel like that's exactly the luck you get doing things so close to a deadline.

I've been working through some feelings, or the ideas of feelings, with the collection of slip cast bottles I'm making which is a lot more of an undertaking than I realized until I put these 25 bottles on my table last night.

 & this is the whole thing ! I'm excited to start new projects after this week is over !!!!

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