April 2013

Two hands

The semester is almost over, & I realized this week how much I've produced. For whatever reason, it really doesn't feel like I've done much (probably my lack of motivation), but there you go !

So at any rate, here's the bulk of my creative initiative since we last talked about it, hope it isn't too boring/ expected !

As it turns out, these frames I've been making are super fragile, so I've been trying to figure out how to piece the broken scraps together to keep functional.

I'm really not having the best time learning mold making, mostly via breaking everything, so I've been trying to use different mold making processes to fit together for my final installation. So far press & sprig molds are my ~*fav*~ (I hardly slip cast anything anymore !)

These are the sprig molds I made of 6 little seashells I found in a shelf I thrifted last year. I haven't tried them out, but I have high hopes for these pups~

Basically, I'm just producing as many multiples as I can before the semester ends. It's so tedious & uncreative at this point, but there you go !

I made a press mold outta this guy that I can't wait to try out asap !!!
So far, these are the only finished pieces I have, but it's way too exciting seeing them after all the trouble I've gone through trying to get them to work !!! (f/ my handbuilt ferrel cat series hehe)

That's all I have on the ceramics front, but I'll try to remember to post something about the goofy paintings I've been making or something later, blah blah blah. Hopefully this mold making business will come together for my final next month. I have some pretty kitchy plans for the final installation, hehe.

Alternate surroundings

Hey hi !

So I know the last time I posted anything, I claimed to be making an attempt to ~blog~ more often or whatever, but this semester's been a little hectic to say the least.
I've been taking pictures of everything, so I figured I'd give y'all (assuming there is a y'all hehe) a little ~photo update~

Obviously just giggling over a Seinfeld ad with my angel realtor on the hunt for our new apartment.

Ok ok, part 1, obviously.
A litte background is definitely required. Last week, I moved into a gr8 new apartment with my friend Tyler. It's kind of dramatic for a lot of reasons, the biggest one being the number of cats we threw into our new little family.

The actual moving was a little crazy. Basically, I'm a packrat & keep way too much stuff. I have a really hard time throwing things away; I'd so much rather give it away so someone else can love my junk as much as I do ! It's a sickness. My movie collection is officially out of hand & filled 2.5 boxes & had to be tucked away in any other box I had room. Follow that craziness with movers packing away my junk then picking up Tyler's junk eight blocks down the street & unloading everything in the kitchen of the new place, 2 blocks down from there. 

But the real thing here is cats. These pups are definitely ~livin the life~ over here in our brand new train apt. They're literally killing me via cute.

(Alec Baldwin's my black kitten, Tegan's the black & white babe, & Tyler's cat Pickle is that tabby man hanging out in my wicker shelves)
My bedroom is definitely the cat hangout; they're obsessed with the train ! The end of the platform is right outside my window, so they have the best cat views !
Also obsessed with the street/ courtyard view from the living room, hehe~
Lots of last minute runs to Ty's apartment & reorganizing, f/ hilarious packing & fridge situations (we've already killed that 30 pack of High life, oops)

 I'm getting too excited about decorating, which is making our little place way cozy. So far, we've gotten the common spaces mostly put together, but my bedroom is still in shambles & either still packed up or shoved in the closet. Eventually it'll all come together, but until then, look how precious my pillow collection is getting, f/ my new pillow (obv of the dreamiest version of Jason Schwartzman) paired with my fav afghan, the sweetest gifts from the my bestie Katie. I'm so obsessed with those skull lights around the circle mirror in our hall, but they're already burned out ? I guess that's what you get for trying to use battery powered Halloween lights as a nightlight.

These guys are probably super off-topic, but first, check out those perf shorts I got at the Tyler's Urban Surplus yesterday & that spooky cat I found staring at me through a window across the courtyard hehe.

Ok, that's it for now ! Leavin y'all with this goofy snap of Tegan watchin a couple a guys on the train platform while I was making breakfast this morning~

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