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The semester is almost over, & I realized this week how much I've produced. For whatever reason, it really doesn't feel like I've done much (probably my lack of motivation), but there you go !

So at any rate, here's the bulk of my creative initiative since we last talked about it, hope it isn't too boring/ expected !

As it turns out, these frames I've been making are super fragile, so I've been trying to figure out how to piece the broken scraps together to keep functional.

I'm really not having the best time learning mold making, mostly via breaking everything, so I've been trying to use different mold making processes to fit together for my final installation. So far press & sprig molds are my ~*fav*~ (I hardly slip cast anything anymore !)

These are the sprig molds I made of 6 little seashells I found in a shelf I thrifted last year. I haven't tried them out, but I have high hopes for these pups~

Basically, I'm just producing as many multiples as I can before the semester ends. It's so tedious & uncreative at this point, but there you go !

I made a press mold outta this guy that I can't wait to try out asap !!!
So far, these are the only finished pieces I have, but it's way too exciting seeing them after all the trouble I've gone through trying to get them to work !!! (f/ my handbuilt ferrel cat series hehe)

That's all I have on the ceramics front, but I'll try to remember to post something about the goofy paintings I've been making or something later, blah blah blah. Hopefully this mold making business will come together for my final next month. I have some pretty kitchy plans for the final installation, hehe.

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