As Madonna

I've been really working on getting this ridiculous piece done for the BFA show next month, & I'm finally done sculpting everything ! I lost my phone a couple weeks ago, so I haven't gotten to really show anyone what I've been up to, so I feel like this is probably a good spot to throw everything.

I broke the original sculpture bringing it to school the first week of class, but I kept the base to test (I won't have time though oops). I ended up rebuilding the entire thing a lot larger & reconsidered a lot of the design. 

I've broken the face so many times since I decided I wanted to be able to use this puppy after the show.  Please note that I'm obsessed with artist's tape hehe.

So basically this is it; I think it's really funny, & there's another piece that sits on top as the hair to hold a plant. Also this cat has the sweetest little butthole hehehehehehe. I can't wait to fire these guys !

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