Resisting commitment

Lately, it's become clear that I have commitment issues. Things I haven't been able to commit to in the past three years include: endless hair cuts/ colors, my major & college, being a vegetarian/ happy vegan, making friends with classmates (or being social in general), any form of a relationship, which city I want to live in right now, finding a job, reading every art/ fashion blog, how many cats I can own while living by myself without looking too crazy, & ~my look~

This year things started at least sort of making sense. I finished winter term at Hollins university in my goofy hometown in va, transferred back to art school in Chicago, & even moved into my own place, decided on a major (for now at least), & made a few really cute friends. Now that the fall semester is starting, I think I'm ready to make a commitment to  blogging, too ! I guess we'll see how it goes, y'all.

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